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Non-Performing Sales Reps?

Sales team not producing new revenue?

Investors asking for faster growth?

The only one bringing in new business is you?

Get the hunters that your business needs with our 3-month 1-on-1 program to develop a sales agent into a real hunter.

Set a Mindset of a Hunter

Within the first week, trainees are coached to overcome their fear and experience a higher level of confidence that guides their actions.

Free Consultation & Become A Hunter

Armed by sales fundamentals and following the right processes, they learn how to:

Have a routine to generate high volumes of activity

Block internal distractions to achieve razor sharp focus on new business generation

Overcome fear of rejection and feel confident

Go and speak to people that they never met before

Build meaningful business relationships

Be direct in dealing with decision makers

Prospect Actively

By building the right network and perfecting their elevator pitch via various online and offline channels, the sales agent is able to have a constant flow of sales-qualified leads.

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During the 1-on-1 coaching sessions they learn how to:

Identify and describe buyer persona

Research leads online and offline

Generate sales meetings

Develop powerful pitch and approach

Smart use of a phone, email and social media

Find and reach the real buyers

Hammer it Closed

Most deals fail because a decision is not made or an objection is raised. Using your current business deals, sales agents are coached to examine a wide range of closing scenarios and objection handling.

Set up Your Free Consultation

They learn how to:

Follow-up consistently

Discern between window-shoppers and real buyers

Isolate, handle, and overcome objections

Use closing techniques such as trial closes, blow-out or assumptive close

Formulate business proposals

Create urgency scenarios

Fares has been the biggest mentor in my sales career. He gave me all the fundamental knowledge that allowed me to build on and grow from there. He taught me how to pitch and engage potential customers, handle objections, negotiate and close with confidence. Having his intensive training, in the beginning, allowed me to grow internally at a faster rate. He was not only able to teach me how to be a successful salesperson but also a manager.

Ivana MladicHead of Inside Sales at Socialbakers

It was great to have a chance to discuss e-mail strategy with somebody who has a lot of experience in this field. With Sales Hero, we created two personalized mail-sequences where we implemented all the recommended steps, tested these campaigns, made some changes, and based on the results we set the rules for our future automated lead-gen strategy with our sales hunters.

Jakub PlasHead of Growth at Dataddo

Sales Hero Team

500 + people trained and coached; international track record; 4 startup exits; 30 years of combined business experience.

Alexander Raiman

Business Strategy Coach

For over 15 years Alexander has been a noteworthy leader in the small and medium-sized business space. You may know him from his work as a marketing and sales operations leader at Socialbakers. But Alexander can also be credited with contributions to Daytrip, Invia Group, and Svet Rovnatek. He holds a Master’s degree from the prestigious London School of Economics. Before University he successfully completed a two-year officer training in the German Armed Forces. Born and raised in Germany, lived in the UK and chose the Czech Republic as his home.

Fares Měchura

Hunters Coach

Fares has an extensive 15 years of first-line sales experience over multiple markets and products. During his career, he has grown from an individual contributor to a sales leader selling to Fortune 500 companies and building entire sales departments for companies such as Socialbakers and Lithium Technologies. Originally from Macedonia, Fares started his career as an investigative journalist and has lived in countries such as Italy, UK, Germany, and the USA before settling in the Czech Republic.

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