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Great Product, Slow Growth?

3 Elements for sales success.

Missing sales targets. Investors expecting growth. Your team’s craving a clear direction. Working over-time. All the time. We’ve been there. We can help you stop this chaos, by creating a clear growth strategy.

Start with

Before you know where you want to go, you need to know where you are today.

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Together we will uncover how you stand in the following areas:

Market opportunity & positioning

Target audience & competition

Internal & external resources

Identify your true objective

A good strategy works by focusing energy and resources on one pivotal objective. Its accomplishment will lead to a cascade of favorable outcomes.

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Few objectives we helped our clients to articulate and follow:

Triple revenue within 18 months to be able to get to the next round of investment

Generate a recurring profit to invest in early-stage startups

Wholesale distribution for B2C products, to double revenue within 3 years

Design company operations in Czechia to be easily replicable in the UK market

Direct your team’s energy

Clarity is key. Everyone must know what their responsibility will be and how they fit into the big picture.

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We will help you to set the right direction for your organization:

Generate viable options

Choose one option as the best course of action

Determine with clarity the steps needed to execute

Clearly articulate your chosen path to internal and external stakeholders

Sales Hero helped us prepare the sales plan, identify our target personas, and onboard all the members of the new B2B team at Dataddo. They helped us recognize who is the ideal candidate for lead gen, qualification, or senior management position. It minimized the risk of hiring the wrong people in strategic positions.

Jakub PlasHead of Growth at Dataddo

Sales Hero helped me to develop and validate my Go-to-Market strategy for Kupi. They guided me on implementing the “Situation, Mission, Execution” framework to prioritize my tasks and manage my relationship with stakeholders. I appreciate their ability to deeply understand our real challenges and then develop and update a strategy that helps us reach our goals.

Hynek ZbořilCEO at

Sales Hero Team

500 + people trained and coached; international track record; 4 startup exits; 30 years of combined business experience.

Alexander Raiman

Saleshero Founder and Partner

For over 15 years Alexander has been a noteworthy leader in the small and medium-sized business space. You may know him from his work as a marketing and sales operations leader at Socialbakers. But Alexander can also be credited with contributions to Daytrip, Invia Group, and Svet Rovnatek. He holds a Master’s degree from the prestigious London School of Economics. Before University he successfully completed a two-year officer training in the German Armed Forces. Born and raised in Germany, lived in the UK and chose the Czech Republic as his home.

Fares Měchura

Saleshero Founder and Partner

Fares has an extensive 15 years of first-line sales experience over multiple markets and products. During his career, he has grown from an individual contributor to a sales leader selling to Fortune 500 companies and building entire sales departments for companies such as Socialbakers and Lithium Technologies. Originally from Macedonia, Fares started his career as an investigative journalist and has lived in countries such as Italy, UK, Germany, and the USA before settling in the Czech Republic.

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